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Martins Adams Levy
18-04-21 00:28:15
Need you’ll to know Mr Gary hes a senior recovery specialist. i was scammed by a forex website Iq options to be precise to the tune 0f $153,700. was firstly informed that ill be able to withdraw 11.5% roi weekly from the second month of membership and if i invest more, the roi could be increased by 4.5%. i later invested $17,300 to make it a total of $170,000.
After the whole investment, i was only able to make a withdrawal for the first week, then after was told to invest more to withdraw more but told them that i wasnt interested and wanted to continue with the current roi plan but was told that i wouldnt be able to withdrawal till i invest that was when i saw the red flag and told them i wasnt interested anymore but not surprised by their act i couldnt make any withdrawal again. I told a friend and he introduced Mr Gary to me and withing a week of our contact i was able to withdraw all my funds in addition to my roi for the whole planned duration of 9 months advance payment. I cant still believe that this happened, all thanks to Mr Gary, you can get in touch with him if you need any of his services, hes the best out there. cybertechhub100 at gmail dot com. I'm so grateful.
Gmp Good Manufacturing
01-04-21 14:30:17
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22-03-21 22:45:21
08-03-21 09:41:14
Recovery expert referral.
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01-03-21 12:01:07
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Van de mars FRANKE
24-10-20 01:05:55

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agenidn pk
16-08-20 11:33:34
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16-08-20 11:32:52
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Nanc Wilson
05-08-20 13:07:33
shynee williams
30-07-20 09:19:29
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